Firewall blocks too many intrusions.

My comdo firewall blocks too many intrusions.
Blocked application is Windows Operating System.
What is this means?
Is my OS in trouble? or just settings problem?

May I assume your torrent port is 44248? If so, these events are caused when your torrent client is closed, it’s simply the way p2p works. Basically, you’ve closed your client, but others in the swarm are still looking for a connection, because it’s no longer available, something else has to handle the connection attempts, that’s where WOS comes in.

Two things. You could really use some better rules for uTorrent: Take a look here utorrent guide still up to date?

To hide the events you’re seeing, create a rule for the Windows Operating system process:

Block without logging TCP or UDP IN from any to any where source port is ANY and destination port 44248

Thanks! :-X

It works!. Have a nice day 8)