Firewall blocks the port but this port is allowed everywhere[Solved]

I try to setup connection from internet to my computer. Next my computer forward the traffic to Vmware.
Now I have a problem, firewall blocks the port , however this port is allowed in general rules and system and svchost in application rules(Network security policy), line with allowance at the top. Firewall output in events:
Windows Operation System - blocked (my port)
There is no “Windows Operation System” in the applications list in Network security policy.
When I set “Disabled” in FIrewall behavior settings, Firewall doesn’t blocked the port.

Can you post a screen shot of your global rules (in Network Security Policy)?


Problem is fixed, I have added new rule to applications, from runnig processes, then group “Windows Operation system” and allowing the port there. Strange, allowing in “System” doesn’t work, but “System” is the one process in Windows Operation System ( except childs ).

Problem Fixed

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