Firewall blocks SOME traffic from Web Browser (Wireless Connection Only)

I have been using Comodo CIS for a long time now and this problem occurred after 3.13 upgrade.

When connected to internet wirelessly and with firewall on, SOME websites (google, yahoo, microsoft, etc) won’t load.
There are no firewall events showing when I try to access these websites.

Everything works if I turn off firewall OR use a LAN connection.

Try flushing the dns cache of your computer. Go to Start → type cmd in Run field and push enter → you now come in a black DOS like box → type ipconfig /flushdns and push enter.

Now close down and start up your browser. Does the problem persist?

Thanks for the reply. It didn’t work, the problem persists.

Wireless connection suggests to me you are using a router.
Could the router have its own firewall blocking rules for Wireless ?
Does your LAN come from the same router ?
What model(s) are your router(s) ?

Is it possible you are accidentally picking up a boosted signal from a neighbours router ?


Actually, i realized this only happens with the WLAN from my college. What are some possible explanations of this? Because it was working before.

Try disabling “Block fragmented IP datagrams” under Firewall -->Advanced -->Attack Detection Settings -->Miscellaneous. Does that help?

Perhaps the college I.T. infrastructure is managed by their rules,
and the administrator may have made changes to what he will allow in and out.

You are very likely to have more than your Comodo trying to protect you