Firewall Blocks secure login pages


I have had Comodo firewall for about 3 months, and every time i go to a secure page where i need to login to an account including the login on this forum it will not load in the page, so i assume it is blocking it. When i disable the firewall it goes to the pages perfectly. How to i change this so that it will not block these pages when i have the firewall on? i have made sure my browser is in the trusted list.

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

Are you using CFP 2.4? If so it is not compatible with Vista - for that you will need to wait for version 3 to come out of beta testing.


No, I’m using the beta version

According to the main site, the fw doesn’t support Vista yet. I know there are a few BETAs floating around the web, but they’re not officially supported.
You can signup via the same link to be informed when a version which will work with Vista is released.

its not a compatibility issue. The beta version I’m using is fully compatible with vista and is nearly ready for release. don’t post here if you can’t solve my problem.