Firewall blocks screensaver


since a certain time my screensaver does not work. Instead, the small hourglass next to the cursor begins to blink at the time the screensaver is supposed to run.
I tried several other things and I’m now pretty sure that is has to do with the firewall and the particular screensaver: It’s not one of the normal Windows-Screensavers, but a file from a (trusted) CD. The normal Windows Screensavers function. I tried to define the screensaver file as a trusted application, but that doesn’t help.
Can you advice me? Thanks!

Ok, I found the solution: copy the .scr-file into the folder where other screensavers are (C/WINDOWS/system32), choose screensaver again, click “Trust” in Comodo Menu - done!

Unfortunately, it worked only once, but afterwards I had the same problem again. I tried to define the .scr-file as trusted application, that didn’t help neither…
What can I do?

Put Defense + to Clean PC mode and let the screensaver start and stop a couple of times. This way it will learn the rules automatically. Go to Defense + → Defense + -->settings → General settings and set to Clean PC mode.

Does this help?

Unfortunately not…

What kind screensaver is that?
3D or based on ActiveX?

Have ever you allowed it in the screensaver option on your control panel with D+ training mode?

All I found out in the file info was: “TclPro Application”. Where do I find the information about 3D or ActiveX?

I just switched to the Training Mode, but same problem: hourglass blinked, no screensaver appeared and Comodo didn’t ask me whether or not to allow the screensaver.
Also tried to put the Alert Settings in the Firewall Behavior Setting to Very High, but no alert appeared.

I’ve never heard about TclPro Application screensaver. Where did you get it?
I think you should find exact name of screensaver first.
Also is it based on .scr or based on another program?

It is an .scr file.
Actually, the screensaver has been part of a digital encyclopedia that I installed on my laptop.

Is a digital encyclopedia still on your laptop?
Because some of screensavers require it’s own software to run own screensaver.

It’s still on the laptop.
But: apparently it works now - copied the file, renamed it, screensaver is running! Mysterious, but well, sometime sthe dumb things are worth a try :-).
Hope, it works for a bit longer this time…

Thanks for your help anyway!