Firewall blocks login on Windows 10 since update today

Hi all,

Windows 10 installed some updates today, and apparently some new component is trying to access the internet immediately upon logging in. This has happened after Windows updates once or twice before. I use a custom ruleset because I want to control which programs can access the internet, and if a new component attempts to access the internet immediately after entering my password but before the desktop appears, then this causes my computer to get stuck at the “Welcome” screen. I have solved the problem in the past by performing the following steps:

[ol]- Boot into safe mode

  • Use Sysinternals Autoruns to disable all Comodo components that run automatically
  • Reboot normally
  • Save custom Comodo configuration to file
  • Uninstall Comodo firewall
  • Reboot, allowing the new component to access the Internet (usually Runonce)
  • Re-install Comodo firewall
  • Re-import custom configuration[/ol]

However, this time it’s different. Apparently, whatever new component is attempting to access the Internet immediately after logging in is not only Runonce but Run (always). I also switched from custom ruleset to “safe mode” for testing purposes. Firewall still causes my computer to get stuck at “Welcome”.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Best regards


If you leave CIS installed and not delete it from Run or RunOnce but just disable Firewall in “Firewall->Firewall Settings” can you manage to log in then?

Furthermore, do you have HIPS enabled?
If so also with custom rules?
It could be that HIPS is blocking a vital component from doing its job after booting.

Thanks for the response! I reinstalled again and it’s working now! :slight_smile:

Great that you got it working again.

Be careful with custom rules for FW and HIPS, before you know it you can lock yourself out…