Firewall blocks local connections


I’m a huge fan of games from my childhood.
Recently I wanted to play an old game called Metal Fatigue with my friend, but as long as my firewall is not disabled my friend is not able to see the games I create. However if I disable the firewall he will be able to see my local server immediately - both machines are running with CIS and both Firewalls have defined the game.exe as a trusted file. Still the only time my friend is able to find my servers are when my Firewall is disabled.
What can I do to alter this so I can be connected to the internet and play on a local server without having to disable the firewall?

Thanks in advantage

On the PC acting as a server, depending on your configuration, you’ll probably have to have to create one or more Global rules to allow inbound connections. Do you know which ports the game uses?

If you’re running the game on a LAN, you can run the Stealth Ports Wizard with the first option - Define a new trusted network and make my ports stealth for everyone else - to allow both inbound and outbound traffic to and from the PC to the LAN.

Take a look through the following:

Global Rules
Stealth Ports Wizard

Defining the network as a trusted network in the Stealth Ports Wizard did the trick. I did it on both machines - now both machines are able to create server and it is completely visible to the machine wanting to join the server.

Thanks for your help.