Firewall blocks internet -.- [Resolved]

ah ofc, stupid of me :S

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Oh my. I never got the notice this topic had been updated :frowning: My apologies for not getting back to you.

Thank you for the registry dump. The data looks good, and looks correct to what the script expects. I’ll go thru the script in some more detail, to see what it would report what it did in the context of the registry data you provided.

oke, I’ve not been back in the forum for sometime because it worked and I forgot about it ^^
But it works now!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Thank you! There’s a bug buried way down in the script. There’ll be an update to the reporting script shortly.

I’ll lock this topic for reference. If it needs to be re-opened, just send a PM to any of the on-line moderators.