Firewall blocks computer on Kodak Digital WiFi Frame EX-1011

When the Comodo Firewall is active, The Kodak EasyShare digital wi-fi frame does not recognize my laptop as a computer network. When I turn off the firewall, it’s fine and the computer netwrok icon shows up on the digital frame in “Settings.” The digital frame also works fine when Comodo is off but the Microsoft firewall is on.

Is there any way I can configure Comodo firewall to allow this wi-fi connection to my laptop?

Hi maf and welcome to the forums (:WAV) You’ll find it’s a great place to be ;D
Ok, let’s deal with your problem.
You’re saying the frame works well with Comodo set to “allow all” or with Windows firewall.
A very possible solution to your problem is that your network control rules aren’t set correctly to allow the frame to connect to your computer.
You can easily verify this when you leave Comodo set to “custom” and turn OFF the network monitor.
Does it work then?
If yes, we need to take a closer look at your network control rules.
But first, please, try turning off NM and see if your frame’s working the way you want it to (I’m sure it will.
Post back and you’ll be helped.

Chances are you’ll need to define a network within CFP, to allow communication from the camera wifi frame and the computer.

Security/Tasks/Add a Zone. Set the IP range to include everything you need to have communicate.

Security/Tasks/Define a New Trusted Network. Use the Zone you just created to set the “network.”

This will add two rules to the top of the Network Monitor (Rule IDs 0 & 1); the first will Allow IP Out from Any to Zone; the second will Allow IP In from Zone to Any. This will allow unimpeded communication between the two.

As grampa noted, if setting the FW to Allow All works, it’s pointing towards a rules issue, and most likely Network Monitor, at that. Given your description, I’m betting on my suggestion as the solution. :wink: