Firewall blocks certain streams and videos

Hi folks,

I have a problem. I can watch youtube and porn, but certain streams and videos are not running. It’s obvious, that my restrictive firewall is the reason for it. I have and want very restrictive rules: By default all connections are blocked, and there are just some exceptions added like firefox, mumble or stuff which is necessary for a properly running system.

Things that don’t work:

Can you please tell me what exceptions I have to add to make this running ? Especially the streaming & video issues ?

Could someone please help me ?

Use the rule policy “web browser” for firefox. You dont need to allow ingoing traffic.

Also make your post more family friendly. As you dont know who is reading it.

Unfortunally it doesn’t work; so it’s clear: It doesn’t work, no matter if I use “trustful application” or “web browser”. So the reason for the blocking problems need to be somewhere else and not firefox.exe …
any other suggestions ?

I can view live streams of that television station you mentioned.

Any log entries?

How can I get the log entries you mean ?

Btw, I’m stilll struggling with this issue and have made a screenshot of my firewall settings:

‘Vertrauenswürdige Anwendung’ means trustful application.
Almost all of the green settings are adjusted like the detail window at the left.

Do you have any idea, what I’m doing wrong ?
Are there any more exceptions necessary in order to overcome my issues ?
If yes, what concretely ?


Btw, you dont need to allow ingoing traffic!
See it like a “permission to start a conversation”. Its you who want to establish a connection. So you need usually OUTgoing permissions. Only if someone should be able to connect on his own, you would need an ingoing rule. It should be specific.

As the new version of comodo has been released, why not make a fresh installation and start with a new configuration? :slight_smile:
Test the browser as first.
Before you start to make settings, make sure that you switched to the desired mode (proactive mode)!
Firewall custom.
Defense+ safe.
Dont press too fast ok.

I tried your links but they seem to have expired.

I would not initially suspect the firewall but the browser with this type of behaviour. Does this happen across multiple browsers? Or is it specific for certain browser(s)? Can you provide us with recent links for testing?

In browsers see if you have referrrer logging disabled or not. Some sites don’t work properly with referrer logging disabled.


  • Startseite - ZDFmediathek
    … well, basically all videos you can find without any exception: Startseite - ZDFmediathek
  • The livestreams of piraten-streaming still don’t work, if available; I will make screenshots of this, as soon as this site once again make a livestream…

I only use firefox :wink:

Thx for the advice; I will put it into action in the next days :wink:

Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

There’s a bug report in on Firefox/Ice Dragon Auto Sandboxing the flash player plugin twice
probably what’s making the movies not work. i am on windows 8 x64. Some flash movies will play and some won’t as far as updating it hasn’t hit yet i am up to date.
don’t know what other OS’s it effects.;msg644656#msg644656

Images show he is on v5.x.

I tried your URL and it works here in Opera and FF browsers. That is on Win 8 with CIS 6. Luckily they allow people from the Netherlands to watch those streams also; that is not always a given.

You stated in your topic start:

By default all connections are blocked, and there are just some exceptions added like firefox, mumble or stuff which is necessary for a properly running system.
May be your strict rules are in the way.

Please post screenshots of your Global Rules and Application Rules and of the firewall logs of around the time you access a stream.

Fuck folks. It’s SO fucking easy to solve this issue and ANY issue of this kind. Why haven’t you told me ?! I’ve found the solution by myself:

ANYTHING isn’t running, probably because of the firewall ? SIMPLY have a look at what !
For this open COMODO CIS Premium, then open “showing firewall results” and there ANYTHING which is blocked is displayed ! So you see concretely what the problem is.
And now that you concretely know the problem simply additionally open “Network security rule” and there create an exception for the files which got blocked - you even can do this so concretely that you only open the necessary ports because at “showing firewall results” you not only see the struggling files, but also what ports are necessary for getting the files running properly. If one uses an all blocked rule it’s important to put the exceptions above the all block rule in the list or otherwise the exception won’t work.


This was fucking important for me; someone who wants to get his boss to let him move away and from that point only doing home work instead work at the office of the boss has a problem if livestreaming is blocked !

Well, i did tell you that. 2 months ago :wink: