Firewall Blocks Campus Wifi?

On 2011-10-21, I installed the new version of Comodo Internet Security on my laptop. It’s the free version, and I only installed the Firewall and Defense+ features. I opted out of the Antivirus and Geekbuddy features (I already have a different program that I use for antivirus). When I did this, I completely uninstalled the old version of Comodo and did a clean install of the new one (I’m paranoid about significant/repeated upgrades to important softwares, as clean installations tend to yield less bugs). Everything worked fine, and I was impressed to notice certain improvements that I hadn’t expected. I then went to college (I commute), and tried to connect to the wifi there.

It didn’t work. I can connect to the router, but not the internet. You see, for this router, it will load an authentication page in your browser before allowing you to load any web pages. You type in your username and password, that’s all. However, now that I’ve installed the new version of Comodo, the authentication page won’t come up.

This is where it gets confusing. In that time between the 20th, when my connection to that network worked properly, and the 21st, when it did not, I did not install any updates or new programs other than this. And yet, even when I turned off both the Firewall and Defense+, it still would not load that authentication page on the 21st.

However, the college network is not the cause of my problem. You see, on this laptop, I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. So after confirming that nothing I could think of would fix the problem, I tried to connect in Ubuntu. It worked without any issues.

Now, on the 24th, when I went back to college again, it still wouldn’t load it properly in Windows. But in Ubuntu, it still works properly. So I’m posting this topic from Ubuntu.

Can anyone here help me resolve this issue?

Problem solved. I only needed to get rid of the Comodo Secure DNS.

I find it hard to believe that nobody was able to even guess that this was the problem after reading my post though… And since it’s a really simple solution, it wouldn’t have been much trouble to make a post about it here.

Well, hey, I understand. I’m not paying for this, so none of you have any obligation to help me. It’s not like I’m blaming any of you, or even complaining. I just want to know if I did something wrong when submitting this topic. Maybe there was a FAQ that would have told me the answer, or I just didn’t follow a rule, or…?