Firewall Blocks App whose Name Always Changes


The “Task Manager” that I use is “Auslogics BoostSpeed TaskManager”. Whenever I open that Task Manager, it gives that Session a Unique Name in a Temporary Folder. For Example, right now, the Program name it Opens might be “TM Agent b82.tmp” … but the next time I open that Task Manager, it might then Open “TM Agent Qi7.tmp”— It will ALWAYS Open a New Name, SO the Firewall blocks me from opening Task Manager with This ALERT::
““TaskManager.exe is trying to Execute ‘TM Agent 8vF.tmp.’””

Since the name of the file Task Manager is trying to Execute is ALWAYS new, this Prevents me from using my Favorite Task Manager!!

Could you please tell me if there is any way I can get the Firewall to ALWAYS let Auslogics Task Manager execute a {Unique Name}??

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!!


Welcome to the forum Chuck :slight_smile:

Once you have allow it once you need to tick box to create the rule, edit this rule to TM Agent *.tmp the * is used as a wildcard option which allows different variations of the name.

If you need directions how do to edit rule please say what version of CIS you are using.