Firewall blocks allowed startup programs

Hi there,
I’m having an odd problem which I haven’t experienced before. I setup a new clean build of win7 with cis ( I’ve some startup programs and they need to access internet/lan (like outlook vb.) I suspect that on startup they fire up just fine connecting through but after cis kicks in, it somehow cuts their connection and they never be able to connect again. After I close and re run any of them they can connect without problems. I set up application rules to grant access to these software. It seems like if cis would be the one loaded first at startup there won’t be any problem but I’m not sure. How should I sort out the main cause and what can I do to set free my startup programs?
Thanks for your helps

You could try using Startup Delayer to delay the start up of Outlook to fix this.

CIS gets integrated into the startup-mix very early during boot.

‘Startup-Delayer’ seems pretty wonky to me.

You need to ascertain that the IP’s any app phones home to are legit. Create explicit rules for such IP access.

OR, you can let people you don’t know into your building as they run up clamoring to ‘hold the door’.


Well to my observations it is really not integrated very early on the contrary it is starting pretty late! It takes for at least 10-15 seconds for my network connection to be established at boot time. For the inconvenience CIS raised I needed to use a startup delayer program for software like skype outlook etc. can connect properly. Anybody experiencing the same issue here?