Firewall blocking Windows OS and blue screen of death..?

Hey guys,

I would be so thankfull for some help since I’m not very tallented with computers unfortunatelly.

I installed the free version of Comodo firewall a few weeks ago and have lately been having problems. I get the blue screen of death on several occations in a day. I have been checking the events in the firewall-window and the Defence + window, to see if I could get a clue to what is going on. I will attach a screenshot of what can be seen, please look at that because it is more detailed then what I can describe in words.

It seems that the Comodo firewall is blocking Windows OS. And Defence + seem to be blocking device/nsi and Nivida. Is this normal? Or what else could be wrong and what am I suppose to do to fix it?

I can also add if it would be important that I use Windows firewall with the Comodo firewall, and as a antivirus- system I have the free version of AVG.

Damsel in technical distress ^^


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You dont need a second firewall (in this case, you dont need window`s one way firewall, if you have a two way firewall).
Same for antivirus (choose only one)
Avoiding interferences.

Is the appearing of bsod related to installing comodo?

Blocking of “windows operating system” or “system” in the firewall is a generalized placeholder for:
Blocked before determined where it should go, because it wasnt requested anyway.
Thats good.

If you use a program, make sure that its safe. If its a safe program, allow it to do what it has to do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply clockwork :). I have read before that Comodo firewall and Windows firewall can work well together but I’ll try to shut down the windows one and see if it improves things.

I installed a few small free programs (but safe) including spybot, cureport etc. when I installed Comodo, and it has been problems ever since. So I guess bsod somehow seems to be related to Comodo beeing installed. I can mention that I have taken away all the other little programs in hope that it would solve it. I did run a compatible check on them with windows and one of them weren’t working well with Windows.

You write “If you use a program, make sure that its safe. If its a safe program, allow it to do what it has to do.”
I haven’t downloaded any shady programs, and I don’t use any shady programs what I know of. And as I explained I’m not very good at the technical things so that is why I typed here, to get your guys help to determine if what is happening on the screenshot is a blocking of safe programs or something else? I can not determine that myself since I don’t have that competence.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you please let us know what other security tools, or maintenance tools, you have installed? Even legitimate tools can conflict sometimes, and that may be what you are experiencing.


Hey Chiron,

Thanks for you post.

You ask what security tools and maintenance tools I have installed. As I wrote in my post I have Comodo firewall and AVG antivirus (also had Windows firewall activated but I have deactivated it now). I haven’t installed anything else and the test Acer antivirus that came with the computer I have taken away. When you say maintainance tools I’m not sure what you are refering too… since I’m not well read into this. I haven’t downloaded any programs, except the cureport and spybot that I have taken away from the computer a couple of weeks ago, I generally don’t download programs, so I don’t think I have any maintainance programs.

Have you looked at the attachment screenshot I added to my post :slight_smile: ? The events shown in the screenshot happened in the firewall and defence + around the time I got the blue screen of death. So I strongly think they are connected to the issue.

Thanks again,

Can you please navigate to the Broadcom file shown in your Defense+ events and upload the file to VirusTotal. Then, once VirusTotal has finished analyzing the file, please post a link to the results in your next post.


Hey Chiron,

I did as you said and here is the link:

Seem pretty sercure right?

Thanks for your help!


Welcome to the forums.

Can you download Bluescreenview from Nirsoft and take a look at what is reported about the BSOD’s you have been having. We are interested in the following:
Bug check string
Bug check code
Caused by driver

That way we may learn more about what may be causing the instability.

Can you also narrow down the time line of events a bit more? I am interested to know if the blue screens started shortly after you installed the firewall or say a week later.

Good evening Eric,

Here is the info about the BSOD. If you want to see it all you can view the attachmentpicture of a screenshot.

Bug check code: 0x0000007f
Caused by driver: iusb3xhc.sys

The problems didn’t happen the moment after I installed Comodo Firewall, but rather a week or two later.

Thank you for your help,


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The blue screens are pointing to the Intel driver for USB 3 support.

There are several reports of problems with this driver on the web. What version of iusb3xhc.sys is installed on your system? The latest version is v and can be downloaded from Download Intel Drivers and Software .

The latest driver is from October 21 2012. May be this driver came with the most recent Windows Update? That could fit the time frame.

Hey again,

I have now installed the latest version of that usb3-thing but I still get bsod and I can see it is still the same problem causeing the bsod. Can I uninstall this driver, or switch it of some how. I’m not using what I know.
Another thing I might mention is that I have switched off windows update since weeks ago.

Take care and thanks,


The problem appears at first sight to be with the USB driver. However to be certain there is not a cross connection between Comodo and the USB driver I would like to ask you to uninstall Comodo Firewall to see if the problem persists. That way we know if Comodo Firewall plays a role.

If you are willing to uninstall Comodo Firewall it is best to export your active configuration before uninstalling. Then you can import the configuration again after installing.

To export your configuration go to More → Manage My Configurations → now select the active Configuration → choose Export. Now safe the configuration in a folder that is not part of the Comodo Firewall installation folder. Now you can uninstall.

When installing CFP again you can import your old configuration under More → Manage My Configurations → Import → when importing give the configuration an appropriate name like CIS- Internet Security Imported.

I would rather like to uninstall usb3 driver then Comodo firewall, but I guess that is not healthy for the little electronic bastardcomputer I have ^^.

However, Thank you so much for your help Eric, you are great at explaining on a level that is easy to understand. I will try what you suggested, it makes lots of sense.

I’ll write back here if it doesn’t help.

Take care and thanks again!

Hey again Eric and the rest of you,

So I tried to find a way to uninstall Comodo firewall, but there are no uninstallation function in the firewall and when I go to controllpanel and “uninstall program” it is not in the list. Am I suppose to just move it to the trashbin on the desktop? But what about files that might be left, how do I make sure I get rith of it all in a proper way? I can’t believe Comodo firewall is made so complicated to uninstall.

Thank you,


There must be something wrong with your install. Its supposed to have an entry in the control panel. Try this guide on how to remove CIS by Chiron