Firewall Blocking POP'd emails

The Comodo Firewall is constantly blocking emails which are supposed to be POP’d to my IncrediMail program from my Yahoo! Mail account even though I’ve gone into the Firewall settings and defined the IncrediMail program as a “trusted application”.

When I go into the Comodo Firewall and click on View Firewall Events, there are literally hundreds of blocked attempts to retrieve my email messages.

If I’ve already defined IncrediMail as a “trusted application”, why is the Firewall continually blocking it?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Does incredimail start any other process that may be different each time. I do notvhave incredimail and am not familiar with it

I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand what you mean by “other process”. IncrediMail is a web-based email program. I suppose it starts up each time I turn on my computer much like my other start-up programs do.

From what I can see, you need to allow both IncMail.exe and ImApp.exe. Are you using the sandbox feature of CIS?

See image below, this is using Hotmail but the settings for Yahoo should be the same - encrypted POP over TLS/SSL via TCP 995. You don’t need the individual rules, you could simply ‘trust’ both executables, assuming you do trust them…

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sorry thought it was a downloaded program…afrad i cannot answer your question as it is web based