Firewall Blocking Online Game?

How do you determine if the firewall is blocking a web site?

My game - - was running, yesterday, after installing CIS, but today it doesn’t run.

How do you unblock it?

To mods - should be moved to Firewall help. :stuck_out_tongue:

First you could read all the comments on WOT against Evony.

Anyway, try disabling the firewall temporarily.

Get to both of these menus by right-clicking tray icon.

If Evony still doesn’t work, go back and click the option that was previously checked.

Then disable D+.

Try Evony again.

Enable D+ by selecting the previously checked option that you remembered.

Report back to us which worked.

Since this is a online game, none of these may do anything. It could even be CIS’s fault.

Try and remember if you installed any other programs that might cause Evony to stop working.