Firewall blocking mapped network drives

I just got a new computer with Vista Home Premium SP1, my old one is running XP Pro SP3. My new box is connected to the router by ethernet, and also to the XP Pro box by ethernet, and by wireless to a laptop when it is in use. If the firewall is running, I can’t connect to the XP box, disable the firewall and all is OK. Also, the XP box can’t see the internet whether or not the firewall is enabled on the Vista box. I’ve tried, with my limited knowledge of Comodo’s firewall, to sort this out, but I’ve still not managed to get it to work. I’m sure it’s something simple, but unfortunately, so am I.

I’m sorry that I won’t be able to help you too much, as I was never able to set my network up :-, but this might help:

Right click on the tray icon (the shield with the check) > mouse over “Firewall Security Level” > make a note of which mode is selected (for me it is Safe Mode) > then select “Training Mode” > try to connect to XP box > go back and select the Firewall mode you made a note of.

It didn’t work unfortunately, though I had tried all the different modes previously. I closed ICS and restarted and it found a second local connectioin using which i know is automatically put in if the computer can’t find an IP from the DHCP server. So, it’s working at the moment, but I’ll wait to see if it keeps working. I’m not bothered about not being able to connect to the internet from the XP box as it’s running simply for me to access the 3 drives in it.