Firewall blocking internet access

Okay, so I’m very new to this product and I’m finding it really overwhelming. I looked at the FAQ’s and I’m afraid I didn’t even understand enough of most of those to know where I should look.

I don’t think I want to do anything too complicated. I just would like to have the Firewall working at at the same time be able to access the internet. At the moment, if I have it set to Safe Mode, I get messages in my browser telling me the connection isn’t working. I’ve had to set it to Disabled in order to get online now, which surely can’t be right.

I have Comodo Firewall Pro (can’t see a version number, but I just downloaded it 20 minutes ago, so I assume it’s the most recent). I’m using Vista 32bit. I have Avast installed and PC Tools Spyware Doctor.

After I dowloaded and installed the software, I rebooted as instructed. Couldn’t get the computer to even recognise the wireless network existed. Rebooted again. This time I got the pop-up box telling me that a new private network was detected. I gave it a name and clicked okay.

Opened up my browser (FF3) and got to my homepage (Gmail). Opened another tab and couldn’t get any other page to load. Gmail isn’t working now either.

I tried looking at various options on Comodo but I just don’t know what I’m doing or where to look. I tried looking under Help but only found the instructions for setting up a new private network which I’d already done. The only thing I could get to make a difference was, as I say, disabling the firewall altogether.

I’d be grateful for any assistance, especially if it comes in nice clear steps that I can understand. Thank you!

Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Go to Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy

Make sure firefox.exe is set as “Web Browser”

If not, right click it, edit, choose the Predefined Policy button and choose “Web Browser”. Always click Apply.

Thanks for your answer. I already had Firefox set as Web Browser and still no access. In the end, I’ve given up and uninstalled Comodo.