Firewall blocking incoming port 80 to IIS

Comodo firewall is blocking connections to web server (port 80).
The connection is listed in events as blocked. No alert is popping up. It would be nice if the event list would show a rule by which a particular connection was blocked.

Event list shows “System” as application. There is no rule in Network Security Policy by which this should happen, for System or any other application.

Security Level is set to Custom Policy. Alert Frequency Level is set to Very High.

If you’re running IIS, HTTP.sys is the kernel mode driver that serves as an endpoint for your web server, so you will need to allow TCP inbound for the System process on which ever ports you wish to use. In addition you’ll have to create a Global rule that also allows TCP on your chosen ports. For example:

Action - Allow
Protocol - TCP
Direction - IN
Source Address - ANY or What ever is appropriate
Destination Address - ANY or the MAC address of the web server
Source Port - ANY
Destination Port - 80 or whichever ports you’re using

If you’re using Apache the Application rule should be against httpd.exe.

I solved this by creating an allow rule for port 80. But i’m still curious, why didn’t the firewall pop up a window asking what to do with the incoming connection? I was under impression that that’s what it’s supposed to do based on the settings, when there is no rule defined for that connection. What caused it to just silently block it?

What Application/Glogal rules do you currently have in place? When I connect to IIS on a PC with CIS that has yet to be configured get an alert. (see image)

[attachment deleted by admin]

There seems to be some weird bug. I had some allow rules for system, not related to port 80. When i deleted those, i started to get the popup for incoming connection to system port 80. I don’t know what those allow rules were and can’t reproduce the problem.

I’m missing an option to disable a rule. It would come handy in situations like this. Now i have to delete a rule even when i only want to temporarily disable it…

Although there’s no ability to temporarily disable a rule, you can right click, select edit then select block. It will do pretty much the same thing…