Firewall blocking incoming, DESPITE a rule allowing the port in question

I’m currently trying to setup my router+firewall so that I may host games on warcraft 3. I have setup my static IP etc etc and the router section is fine. However, the firewall continues to block it. I know it is the firewall because when I disable it, I can host, or if I remove the rule thats blocking it (the default one) it also works.

So, naturally I went about creating a new rule, TCP/UDP In/Out, allowing any source IP to any destination, as long as the source and destination ports were 6113. I then moved this rule ABOVE the default blocking rule. However, it will still not let people connecting via port 6113 connect to me as it is violating that other rule. See screenies.

Yet still

Considering this, I thought perhaps I should try making a protocol IP rule, because its the IP rule thats blocking it, so I could try allowing anything incoming to :6113 , but I cannot include the port on the end, and the only thing I can seem to do in the IP protocol rule section is allow everything, which I do not want.

I don’t understand why incoming traffic of type TCP incoming to my port 6113 is blocked by that IP rule despite allowing port 6113 on tcp/udp, above that rule.

Help? ^^ please?

Hi Hadz and welcome to the forums,

From what I can see from the screenshots you will have to make a rule to allow all in to port 6113. You might also try setting a range if you can determine that all incoming IP’s are within a certain range. You could then set the rule back to Block when you weren’t hosting a game.

hope this helps


Hi Hadz, welcome to the forums.

Your Network Monitor rule says where UDP/TCP Source Port is 6112-6113 AND Destination Port 6112-6113. But, in the Inbound Policy violation alert example you give, it says that Source port is 28170 (not 6112-6113). Thus, this will fail your rule. You need 2 rules, an Out rule for Source port 6112-6113 & an In rule for Destination Port 6112-6113. A single rule doesn’t work because the Source/Destination Ports are wrong depending on the traffic direction.