Firewall blocking ICMPv4 connections to Yahoo - from CIS???

I followed the suggestions of this topic;msg763144#msg763144, specifically by adding a global rule to Block IP Traffic when Protocol is ICMPv4.
Since then, on CIS FW logs I can find several blocked connections from System to two IP addresses ( and .115) that belongs to Yahoo UK through the protocol ICMPv4.
I personally don’t have anything set to Yahoo (the homepage of my browsers is Google) and the only software with some kind of affiliation with Yahoo is CIS.
So, my question is: is it possible that CIS phones to Yahoo for any reason, such as advertisement?

Is the traffic going to or coming from these two ip addresses?

What browser do you use?

My default browser is Google Chrome 40.0.2214.115 and I also have Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421.
My PC is running Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit.
The firewall blocks an outgoing echo request from my PC to those two addresses (see attached screenshot).

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When System is being logged it is not clear what process is generating the traffic. Another driver is, metaphorically speaking, blocking view.

That makes it hard to determine what process is causing the traffic.

To see if it is CIS try temporarily blocking Comodo Internet Security by changing the rule in Application Rules to Blocked Application. Then see if the traffic stops. I assume here that the echo requests you see are always there when Windows is running.

When done testing don’t forget to change the application rule back to Outgoing Only.

I tried that, but nothing changes.
It’s not a big problem, I can keep the rule to block it without logging it.
It’s just strange that the echo request is to Yahoo.

I disabled CIS web filtering and now I don’t see anymore those blocked items.

Does it mean that CIS web filtering works with Yahoo?

Thanks for explaining

What do you mean iwth CIS web filtering? Do you mean Privdog? Or did you uncheck Enable traffic filtering?

Hi Eric,
I assume ‘Jon79’ is talking about Website Filtering within the FW settings. :slight_smile:
Website Filtering-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks, yes, you are right, sorry if I didn’t make it clear.
I disabled Website Filtering within the FW settings and now I no longer get the log of Block IP Traffic when Protocol is ICMPv4 to IPs and .115.
So, I assume it was Website Filtering that sent the echo request to those Yahoo IPs.
By the way, I read in the forum that Website Filtering (former URLfilter) did’t work with Proactive Security configuration:

So, since I’m using this configuration, better if I keep Website Filtering disabled and avoid any information transmitted to Yahoo.
But I repeat my question: is Website Filtering related with Yahoo, for example to check the blacklist of malicious website to block? I can’t find any explanation of it in the online help guide.

EricJH, captainsticks, any feedback?

I don’t know why web site filter would ping CIS is very flexible. You could change the firewall rule for Comodo Internet Security to have it log all outgoing traffic to see what it communicates with Yahoo. I have never used CIS like that so I can’t tell if you would end up with a lot of logged traffic to analyse or not… :-\

Other than that I don’t know my way around tools like Wireshark.

Please note CIS uses a predefined ruleset you have to go to Rulesets and edit the outgoing ruleset to log the main outgoing rule there.

No, not many just three for virus update though I do not allow program checks.


Thanks for the answer.
Well, as I said, right now I have disabled website filtering and I’m happy with that.
On Chrome I use the extension AdGuard and I think it works quite well AdGuard AdBlocker - Chrome Web Store
So far it has always been AdGuard to warn me about malicious or phishing websites rather than Chrome or CIS.

I know this is a completely different topic, but would you mind writing your comment about this other topic of mine?