Firewall blocking Dreamweaver 8

Comodo Firewall v3 is blocking Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 from uploading and downloading files through FTP. I have made defined Dreamweaver as a Trusted Application, and have selected to treat it as a Trusted Application under Network Security Policy. Defense+ is disabled. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I have Dreamweaver 7 and 4 and get much the same result. Turning off Comodo verifies that the firewall is doing it, but turning off any of the features doesnt seem to help…Desperately looking for a solution, else I will have to find another firewall… Comodo 2.4 worked ok.

I’m experiencing the exact same problem–this isn’t isolated. Disabling the firewall confirms it’s the problem point for me too, but is an unacceptable solution. Is anyone from Comodo monitoring this forum?

I had the same problem and had to do this:

  • Look at the Firewall Events for Dreamweaver. Write down the Source IP and Port (possibly 20).
  • Firewall, Advanced, Network Security Policy, Global Rules
  • Allow TCP In
  • Source: [Source IP noted above]
  • Destination: Any
  • Source port: 20
  • Destination: Any

See also:

Hi there,

Im pretty hopeless at this sort of thing.

But can someone give me step by step help… I did try the above but some bits didn’t line up.

Im also using DW8. and using CF version

Many thanks