firewall blocking all incoming connections without asking in safe/training mode


I have comodo security 3.5.55810.432 installled. Firewall is blocking all my incoming connections without asking for it, in safe and even in training mode. In Disabled mode is everything working fine. I tryied several configurations, and now, there are no application and global rules, and firewall is still blocking everything in without asking. Connections OUT are asked, and saved to configurations, working.

(example: trying to connect to remote desktop RDP 3389 over LAN)

I have Vista32, antivirus and defence are off.

Could anyone help?

Do you have any other security software?

Have you tried reinstalling CIS?


Yes, i tried reinstaling CIS many times. Currently im using it with Kaspersky antivirus, with comodo defense and antivirus off. i had the same problem when comodo fw was installed alone , with no antivirus.

Problem started about 2 weeks ago, i had comodo 3.0 firewall only installed…it started to block all incoming connections, regardless to rules. (before it worked perfectly). Reinstall didnt help, so i decidet to try comodo 3.5…
unfortunately problem is still there.

Im really desperate, sicnce i tried almost everything, but reinstaling whole system.

I’ll Ask Other Mod’s To Help You With This Issue

In the meantime, Can you run the diagnostics?
if any errors, restart your machine


Ok, thank You

diagnostics test says everything is ok.

Are there any block entries in Defense+ log. It could block some DNS requests.

there is no log in defence+, hence i turned defence+ and antivirus off.

But there is one thing really bizzare: when connection is blocked, its not even logged.
when i just installed CIS there was some “intrusion detection” and the blocked connection was also logged in firewall.
And now, without changing anything, FW is not even loging them(INCOMING)…

any idea why this is?

Firewall log allow/block/ask actions only if log option is set for corresponding rule.