Firewall blocking 445 139

Netlogon wont start, cant access remote shares, disable it works
Change configurations it doesnt work.
Reinstall did not fix it…
disable firewall it works :slight_smile:

Paranoid + Custom

Did you use the stealth port wisard?
You have to check global network rules, maybe there is an entry that blocks this.
Or Windows Operation System or System is blocked for this traffic?
CHeck for incoming and outgoing settings.

I have set system to trusted

Can you please look up your FW logs for blocked connections to and from your computer for these ports, normally there you find, where the problem is.

Well there are no blocked connections in the log

can you post pictures of your network security policies. then i can look for the apps which are involved.

Netlogon scripts wont even run. its like its blocking netbios period. I disable the firewall and blam it works every app in security policy is set to trusted