Firewall blocking 100s of Instrusions.. Whats the cause?

Hey all. COMODO is currently blocking hundrds of instusion attemps every hour. What is the cause of this? A virus?
I have put a picture of the instrusions below.

I know what the 1 threat is and its perfectly safe to me, the 1 threat there is not releated to this :slight_smile:

I know the high number of outbound and inbound connections are due to the program Utorrent and some other programs I had running.

I really do not know what to do… Im scared that if comodo stopped working for any reason, my PC would be hacked/infected ect

Also when I hover over the name ‘system’ (the thing thats causing the instrusions) it don’t tell me its file location:(

If you can’t see the picture well the picture link is:

Thanks for reading! (and hopfuly help:) hehe)

Hi Smoogel, welcome to the forums.

Both IPs in your logs ( and are internal LAN IPs (not Internet IPs). TCP port 139 suggests that this file-sharing between LAN members (, which CIS is blocking (by default) since it’s probably not aware of the LAN or its members. However, as a word of caution, this is not always the case, the very same file-sharing ports are also used by various exploits (viruses, malware, etc…) trying to spread. But, more commonly, it is innocent Windows traffic.

Are you on a LAN with other LAN members?

PS I noted that Defense+ is currently disabled on your system. Is this intentional?

Thank you for your reply. Put my mind at much more ease:)

Yes I have got sharing folders as a LAN between this computer and my laptop.
Defence+ is intentionaly disabled to.

Thank you for your reply, helped me alot:D