whats this? im just curious its kinda weird


Looks like YM needs inbound traffic, did you perhaps run the stealth ports wizard ?

whats that??? stealth port wizard???

You can use it to set the level of firewall protection specifically aimed at traffic send from the internet to your pc.

You can find it on the CIS GUI, Firewall, “Stealth ports wizard”.
But based on your response i guess you haven’t used it.

Can you post a screenshot of your global firewall rules ?

You can find those rules on the CIS GUI, Firewall, Advanced, Network security Policy and then select the tab global rules, also please provide the settings you applied for the YM executable on the applications tab of the policy.

here it is

in your picture, there are two tabs (at the top), one for application rules, one for global rules (its the second tab)… (hint hint take another picture with the other tab selected) O0


The other screenshot is probably not nesessary, i found the problem your have two rules stating to block & log ip in from any to any this is causing these blocks because UDP is part of the IP suite it will be blocked because of these rules… if you like to keep them blocked and not show up in the logging select one rule to remove and the other remove the “log packets” option.

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