Firewall Block All Mode question

When my Firewall Block All Mode is on I still have access to the internet. In the past I seem to remember when it was turned on you could not send or receive anything until it was unlocked. I’m running version 3.12.111745.560, is this a new bug? Being able to stop all internet access is an important feature for me.

I am afraid it is not. I am able to use block all mode in 3.12. Pl. give other config like security softwares installed and your global rules of cis

firewal-advanced-network sec policy - global rules

Yes and specially how’s your PC connected to the “Internet” Network cable/wireless, usb modem etc…
Does it use PPPoE ?

I’m running Win XP PRO SP3 (just upgraded to SP3)

The only Security software I have installed is the Comodo Internet Security Suite. When I check in my Windows Security Center Comodo is the only thing showing as being turned on, Windows firewall is turned off.

Thank you for letting me know where to find the Global Rules. There is only one entry: A Red X and then “Block IMP IN From Any IP To IP Any Where ICMP Message is ECHO REQUEST”

My connection is Cable that is ran to an older (maybe 3 yrs old) Apple Airport Extreme. I have two computers (mine and hubby’s) connected with USB cables. I did just check his computer and the Comodo on his system still blocks any activity when Block All Mode is selected, it is just mine that does not. This had to have happened very recently because I would have noticed it before, it had been working properly for years.

Could this be a XP SP3 issue? I did not update his computer yet so he’s still running on SP2. The only other thing I have recently updated was my Microsoft .NET Framework to 3.5 SP1.

Thanks in advance for the help. I’ve used this software for a few years now and would hate to have to go back to Zone Alarm but since my system is always on I need to make sure it is protected.

Try this out.

Open CIS-Firewall-Common Tasks-Stealth Ports Wizard

Select the appropriate rule which applies to you. (The third one is better if you don’t need to connect the hubby’s computer every now and then).

Select third rule and click Finish. (It will give a messge configured accordingly). The new global rules will be as given in the attachment.

Check again with block all mode.

[attachment deleted by admin]

What do you mean with check again with Block all mode? What steps do you want us to take? What is happening when we do so? What should have happened?

In the normal circumstances CIS would block everything in ‘Block all mode’ even without a single global rule! (at least in my CIS it is like that). The stealth ports wizard replaces the existing rule with predefined rule and thereby not only giving better protection but also removing any user defined global rule which could have given an accidental allow while experimenting with it (if at all). I just wanted him to try ‘block on mode’ as OP’s only contention was that it is not working in ‘block all mode’.

I have XP SP3 so I am sure CIS supports it. However, I am not quite sure whether CIS installed on XP SP2 has any effect when SP2 is upgraded to SP3 later on.