Firewall "Block All" Mode Indicator

Perhaps like many others here, I regularly switch my firewall security level to “Block All” mode from the system tray icon (yep, a tad paranoid). It would be nice if the Comodo Shield in the system tray would have an indicator when I’ve done this (perhaps the international NO sign, red circle with red strike thru it). I think this would be an easy coding adjustment and permit one to see at a glance whether Block All mode was active or not. How 'bout it?

maybe it could turn red?


I understand you comment

(yep, a tad paranoid)
. But,
Many minor requests never seem to happen.
For the (paranoid) security issue you have you may want to use PeerBlock. It has greatly improved over PG2 and the Dev Team is constantly upgrading it. Here is the link I think you will like it.

How about adding a timer alert every 15 or so minutes?

How about the green tick in the shield icon turn into a green NO/unavailable sign…instead of the shield being replaced by a big ugly red one. So any fool that passed by would still recognize Comodo and not freak out at the totally different/unfamiliar icon like a living (paranoid mode) antivirus. O0

EricJH’s timer idea sounds sweet, too.

one vote from me.

Not only ‘Block all’ but also ‘Disabled’ status should be indicated.

It would also be nice to have an option like ‘Turn off for 2 minutes’ because it’s often simpler to turn firewall off to complete some rare task or test something, than to create rules. But with no status indication, it can be left disabled for a long time.

yes, “treat application as trusted temporary” would be useful too.

The problem is sometimes it’s not clear what’s the application, like with svchost.exe etc., or to do something it may be needed to unblock more than one thing. So disabling firewall temporary would be a nice option to have.

I also would like the icon to show if the firewall is disabled (perhaps with a bar or a cross on it). Sometimes during some testing I disable the firewall and then I forget it down. It would be very useful.

Thanks if you develop this feature.

Plus 1 for all the suggestions.

Agree with the suggestion. Would be very helpful to see at a glance if the internet is blocked or open. Now I stick a piece of paper on my screen when I block the internet and leave the room.

More support for this idea.

I like to deny internet access when I leave my machine chuntering along at some admin task and almost always forget to switch it back on again after.

You guys might be inerested in this thread, which lays the groundwork for a much more customized experience.

In a nutshell, when any component of CIS deviates from a user-defined “preferred configuration (security level),” the tray icon could foreseeably turn red or get over-layed with some kind of cross or x.

Any news about this feature?