Firewall being initialised

I wonder if anyone can tell me…

I have Comodo Firewall 509 only (not AV)

When one of my machines is booting up and adding items to the tray, if I launch the Comodo Firewall box from the tray it shows an orange icon and says under System Status…
“Please wait while system is being Initialised.”

Does this mean that the Firewall is inactive and the machine is not being protected until it initialises or does the message only relate to access to the menu items?



Hi MikeG,

The actual Firewall drivers are loaded very early in the boot process, and your rules apply.

The waiting to initialize is as you suspected just for the GUI, to be able to report the status of various components.

Hope this helps.


you could tell that the drivers are loaded first because people were getting BSOD when the driver was messed up and it was happening before windows even came up.

What will happen if I attempt to establish a connection before the GUI gives an “everything is OK” sign. Would I get a pop-up for the attempted connection or would the connection be put on pause until the the GUI loads?

This kind of “behaviour” actually happened to me aswell for 2 times now (with .509) on my Windows 7 RC x64 machine. I mean, pc started and got to the desktop but after that no icons even got to the tray and the whole system was unresponsive (could see wallpaper and could move mouse around but no input of any sort was possible, mouse clicks or keyboard keys). Pressing the reset button on the pc case was the only thing I could do.

Needed to boot in Safe Mode and then again in Normal mode for Windows to boot normally again.

After checking the event log, i noticed the freeze was caused by several, 1 minute apart, errors with this message: “A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the eventlog service.”

Hope this gives you guys a clue on anything because something is still wrong with .509 :-[

Anyway, thanks for a great piece of software that is CIS :-TU

Thanks BadFrogger,

I thought that could be the case; it wouldn’t very safe if it didn’t protect you until after connection to the internet would it.


Will someone answer my question, please?

If I remember right you will get a popup or it will not let you and you will get an error.

If the internet connection is established, and the traffic was allowed in your current ruleset it would be allowed.

If it were a new/unknown request that your settings would generate a pop up for, then it would be blocked by default until some input from you through GUI or repeated attempt when GUI is up.

Is that what you’re getting at metalforlife?


Thanks for answering, Bad Frogger. All is clear. That is quite similar to the D+'s Block all the unknown requests if the application is closed feature.

I am confused and not very Comodo savvy. Although, I have figured out some of the basics.

That said, I am getting the same initializing delay with .509. Before .509 my computer was going from sign in to internet ready in 5-15 seconds. I have NOD32.

Now, it is taking 1-2 minutes and it is holding the internet connection closed and disabling NOD32 until it is done.

Is this something new in .509 or an indication of another problem. The reason I went with Comodo and NOD32 was their light resources and fast boot times.

I can probably live with it, if someone can explain why this just started.

Is there a way (in LAYMEN terms) I can speed up the internet access by using an exclusion or permission?
Or, would that jeopardize safety?


Did you do a clean or an upgrade install of 509? Consider doing a clean install if you upgraded.

It was an upgrade,

And, by you comment, I am to assume it should not take that long based on the time for the previous version to boot.

I will have to redo all my exclusions if I do a new, clean install, right.



When you choose for a clean install you will start from scratch without importing your configuration on 3.8.

You can use Comodo System Cleaner to clean up the registry and this topic for removing the last remnants of CIS: .

Thanks EricJH,


The last update .530 has solved my slow initialization problem, but NOD32 still shows a red exclamation mark for about 20 seconds. Although, it still updates, but seems to hold the internet connection closed for that time. Will monitor it for awhile.