Firewall Behavior Setting; Defense+ Settings -- Terminology

I’m having trouble understanding what the settings mean.

Firewall Behavior: “Network Security Policy is applied”. Where do I define that policy? “Outlook application traffic initiated by safe applications are learnt.” Huh? ???

Defence+ Settings: “Computer Security Policy is applied”. Where do I define that policy? “Every Action of the Safe executable files are learnt” ???

I see a lot of prompts over and over again asking allow or block, even though I’ve checked “Remember my answer to this question”. Why?

Hi ceLLisT

For defining network security policy go to CFP interface and click on “Firewall” at the top, then the advanced tab. You will see network security policy at the top. Click on that and a box open that says network security policy. You can do all kinds of changes to your application policy rules. The best way to learn how to use them is to read the help pages all through. You can find them by clicking the link on the bottom where it says “what do these settings do?”.

Defense+ settings are found in the same way by clicking “Defense+”, advanced, computer security policy.

If you make sure your settings are at “custom policy mode” for firewall and “train with safe mode” or “clean pc mode” for defense+ you can run your computer with default settings and be confident of being protected.

Hope this helps you