Firewall "bad" with custom setting and will not turn on.

The firewall was installed yesterday and while worked fine. It then indicated that all the features were off and the protection was “bad”. The security features were grayed out and could not be turned to on. I turned security level from custom to block all.
After restarting the computer the system worked again, but I am concerned that this could happen again.

Did it just stopped to work without any reason?
And did you check in task manager if cmdagent.exe was running?


I just received a pop-up with notification that the firewall was off, and read that the security was “bad”. We had 4 people signed on to the computer at the time, but I was the only one actively using it. That’s the only thing I noticed.

There are some issues with multi-user scenarios, especially with Fast-User Switching. That may be what’s biting you. Unfortunately, if that’s the case, there’s not (to my knowledge) a solution at this time. V3 of the firewall will probably address it.


Should I switch back to ZoneAlarm for now? I don’t want to risk my computer.
Ideas? Thanks.

I would suggest filing a ticket with Support to see what they have to say. You’ll need to create a login there; the Forums account doesn’t cross over. Be sure to let them know you’ve already been in the forums (and provide a link to this thread), and that a Moderator suggested you file the ticket.

Perhaps there have been some developments with a solution, of which I’m not aware.

You do need to be comfortable and confident of the protection offered. But I can’t recommend you switch back to ZA if the computer is not in a home/personal environment, as I believe this would be contraindicated by their EULA.

I’d file the Support ticket first, keep an eye on the situation to see if it recurs (or if it was a one-time blip), and go from there.