Firewall auto APPROVED for Adobe products??


I have noticed that when installing Adobe products - like Fireworks, Comodo Firewall automatically creates ALLOW rule for it - without asking me!

How is this possible and why is this done? Has Comodo struck a deal with Adobe?

Regardless, this has made me uninstall Comodo. I do not like an application that is sneaky like this.


It will create automatic rules for ALL software provided by trusted vendors in the safe list. This is a good thing and certainly not a reason to uninstall Comodo.

there is nothing sneaky, people were complaining that comodo had to many pop ups. So comodo goes and builds a good white list. Now people are bitching there are not any pop ups. I guess no can be satisfied. >:(

Is there an option inside the application to prevent AUTO whitelisting of applications?

The reason I have firewall is because I want to know EXACTLY which applications connect in and out.

I do not like Comodo making those decisions for me when it comes to firewall. Defense+ -fine. But firewall - NEVER.


Yes, just go to defense + tab, my trusted vendors and remove those you dont trust, (long way)


go to defense + then advanced go to Defense + settnings and unmark trust the applications digitally signed by trusted software vendors.

Hope that helps.


You can set the Firewall Security Level to Custom Policy Mode.

The Firewall will then Not automatically create rules from Safe Apps.

But you still retain the benefit of the Trusted Software Vendors and the Whitelist for D+ actions.


Ah thank you so much guys. Will give it another go!

Thanks once again.

Adobe products?? )

yeah, adobe really likes to phone home (especially the new cs4)

While your at it, use a host file to block it from calling home

is it possible to add companies like nvidia/ati, since driver updates occur like all the time.

Isn’t that funny?