Firewall 'At risk'

Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

Been using Comodo firewall for years with no problems but recently the widget on the desktop shows ‘At risk’.I have run the diagnostic tool which shows there are problems but it cannot fix them.
I also get a pop-up telling me that my computer needs to be restarted which i do occasionally but the pop-up still appears

Product version
Windows 7 home premium
Avast anti-virus

Try reinstall comodo firewall…

  1. use comodo uninstall: Comodo Forum

  2. when the uninstall is finish, reinstall comodo internet security:
    here: Comodo Forum

NOTE: Avoid use two softwares security, this can cause crashes, blue screen… and others problems; :-TU
Comodo internet security have protection more embracing, Auto-containment protect against keyloggers, firewall excellent, protection HIPS, antivirus… (try use comodo internet security with other software antivirus)…

apologies for the late reply everything now okay

uninstalled using control panel but when installing it never went past 81%

used Comodo uninstaller then Comodo installer ,everything went okay and firewall now working fine