Firewall asking for permission when app rule is already set

My Firewall is asking for permission for an app when an app rule is already set.

:: I have a global rule allowing inbound MySQL (set as a port set) connections from a remote host name.
:: I also have an app rule for mysqld.exe set up in the same way. That is, In/Out TCP, from my remote hostname (, only on my port-set source and destination MySQL (set to my MySQL port).

How come then, when my web service tries to connect, I get a popup saying an IP (which is of my host), wants to connect?

Without accepting it (which sets a broad allow rule for mysqld.exe) the connection is blocked.

Note that my alert freq level is set to high.

Does the same thing happen if you use an IP rather than hostname? If I remember correctly the hostname feature hasn’t worked perfectly in the past.

I set it to any and the notification stopped. Setting it to the IP does work. Could it be that I use Cloudflare?

Not much point including a feature that doesn’t work. I’d prefer to use the host name if possible.

Not sure about cloudflare.

I’d like to clarify that I’m not sure about the hostname being inaccurate, it’s just from my memory but I can’t be sure.

If using the IP works but using the hostname doesn’t, that’s pretty telling that the hostname function isn’t working perfectly (or it works as designed but designed isn’t what users expect)

You can create a bug report for this issue here if you like, just remember to use the format.

OK thanks for the help