[Firewall] Any difference between Comodo Firewall and Internet Security Pro?


Is there any difference between Comodo Firewall and the firewall portion of Comodo Internet Security Pro? I cant find any documentation on this, but I do notice that the site mentions “Firewall Pro” under the Comodo Internet Security Pro information, but there is no Firewall Pro mentioned under the Comodo Firewall information.

I’m simply wondering because I’m not entirely satisfied with the firewall portion of Norton Security which I use today but I do think the anti-virus portion is quite good. So I’m trying to decide whether to go for Norton Security + Comodo Firewall or go for Comodo Internet Security Pro instead, but if the firewall portion is identical between the two I think Norton Security + Comodo Firewall would be the option I’m going for.

Do any one know if there is any difference between the two?

Best regards, RamGuy

No the firewall is the same across all editions and comodo firewall pro does not exist but a the pro edition of comodo internet security is added paid services. You can download just the firewall here http://download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/4010/standalone/cfw_installer.exe