I use Comodo Firewall version :3.0 and Avast Antivirus 4.8 (OS XP Pro) my question is would i benefit by using Comodo+Antivirus ?

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Yes, you would/should benefit by it, as long as you don’t use another AV.

Thank you for your reply, i will back up my OS then try it, no i would not run two AVs in the same partition :wink:

??? what do you mean exactly? ???
so you’re using CFP2+avast right now & you wanna switch to CIS ???
what’s your OS? CFP2.4 development is already stopped.if your OS is XP or vista, it is advised to switch to CIS. if you want to keep avast, you can choose not to install(untick) the AV part of CIS.
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Personally I prefer Avast at present - I like the Web Shield.

I’m running the Beta of CIS with AV installed bur Real-time Protection disabled and it’s working well (had to exclude both instances of CIS’ heur.cav from being scanned by Avast).

Brilliant thanks for the info giraffe (hugs) this is what i will do as i don’t want to give up Avast, i will need to install twice as i run a dual boot XP Pro SP3 / Vista Ultimate SP1.

Thanks again giraffe

Cindy X

Let’s see if I got this right: Commodo Firewall plus antivirus should be adequate protection? I also have Avast, which has worked well, but it seems to have so many features I wonder about computer slowdown.
Will the Windows Security Manager accept Commodo Anti-virus as it’s suggested protection?
I could keep Avast to run occaisonal checks with, while not having it load up into memory & let Commodo do the job?
I also have some anti-spyware like AdAware and SpyDoctor - Do I even need them on disk at all?

I wondered about speed with Avast, so a few months ago I ran some simple tests. Neither opening or functioning of programmes seemed to be affected (there was no really heavy use involved, only everyday stuff) and tried download speeds; these seemed a bit quicker!

Hello I am having trouble finding my antivirus in the comodo, would somebody help me please

....with AV installed bur Real-time Protection disabled and it's working well

I would do that also. Have Comodo’s AV for on-demand scanning and your other preferred AV for real-time scanning. Comodo’s AV is fairly new, needs time to “grow” :-TU

Not yet it doesn’t. I disabled Avast in the registries and startup so it wouldn’t interfere but still available as on-demand. Security Center reports it (the only one) is turned off. Something the Dev’s need to work on.

windows security center does to see comodo av atleast on mine it does

Ditto, on XP Pro SP3

Windows Security Center shows Comodo AV properly.

Disabling start up alone of another AV isn’t enough by itself.
I believe the Security Center will only show whichever was the last
AV installer to run and make the necessary reg entries.

then the next CIS update installed should correct this then. Thanks.

avast was designed for real time detection, not an on demand scanner. it’s nearly impossible to stop the loading of all its low level drivers. :wink: