firewall and VPN

Hi all

I have been trying to configure the firewall to block all non VPN/TAP-Win32 connections.
I have been working on the premise that the firewall configuration settings are pretty much the same as V.5.10.
I have done this successfully in prior versions by following this - Allow internet only through BolehRoute for specific apps using Comodo, I have followed these steps in V.6 but up to now had no success ???
any help as always appreciated,


Are the firewall settings the same apart from the obvious interface differences ?
is there a reason why I can’t configure this version to block non VPN connections ?
pretty sure I missing something fairly obvious


no diff, probably a bug please post a report.

will do

Thanks for response


Ok after a fresh install of CIS 6 beta I have configured firewall to block non-VPN connections ;D
unsure whether user error 88) or corrupted install where to blame,
either way the firewall is stilll an powerful privacy tool when used with a VPN
I used this tutorial as a guide…Allow internet only through BolehRoute for specific apps using Comodo