Firewall and system tray

Hello. I am not sure whether the Comodo Firewall is being launched when the computer boots. I am using XP (SP3) and I used to see the icon appear in the system tray when I turned on the computer but lately I have to click on the Firewall in the program list to see the system tray icon. However cfp is ticked under the Startup tab in System Configuration, Comodo Firewall appears in the Documents & Settings, User, Start Menu, Programs folder and Comodo Internet Security is ticked in the Revo Uninstaller Autorun Manager list.

How do I tell whether the firewall is being launched at start up, please?

Thank you.

You can tell with Windows Task Manager. Let it show processes for all users.

If CIS is running you should see cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe running.

Not showing all icons in the systray is an annoying shortcoming of Windows XP. Please read How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup on how to work around it.