Firewall and streaming video

Hi guys, just installed CIS and I gotta say wow, this thing is pretty cool, way more tunable than I expected (and that’s a good thing). That said, I already ran into an issue - sometimes when I’m watching streaming video online, the buffering stops by itself for seemingly no reason, when that happens if I try to open a new site Firefox behaves as if I’ve lost internet connection entirely, and Trillian also disconnects from its servers. Checking with Intel PROSet (my wireless adapter) shows 54 Mbps connection speed and full signal, with the IP address the same as always (not a 127.x.x.x private address). Powering the wireless card off and then back on seems to fix the connection, and normally I’d do just that and not worry about it, but there are sites out there (like Megavideo) that limit how much you can watch in a row and that do not support reconnecting but instead I have to reload the video entirely and that burns up the time limit stupid-fast.

Firewall log shows absolutely nothing, for instance I just experienced the issue again and my last log event was over an hour and a half ago. Firefox uses the preconfigured “Web Browser” setting, and I have “Outgoing Only” for its video plugin and also Trillian, svchost.exe, and System. Firewall Security Level is set to “Custom Policy Mode”, Defense+ is at “Safe Mode”. Nothing interesting in the Defense+ logs either…

So, given all this, what do you think is causing my connection to drop like that, and what can I do about it? Thanks in advance!