Firewall and slow shutdown

I have installed Comodo Firewall on my Acer laptop. It was working fine until the latest update after which the laptop took ages to shut down. If I rstire the system back to before te update it works fine again.

Any thoughts please?

(:AGY) Comodo Firewall V2.4 slows my shutdown too, and I have a fast XP computer (3.2ghz, 4gigs ram, daily auto jkdefrags…)!
My observations- At first it is fast, then every restart it gets slower and slower. Finally timing out… at about 20-30 seconds. I run easycleaner and it created MANY Tmp files like this in C:/Documents and settings/User name/Local settings/temp/~DF247.tmp. Size= 131072. I delete them, on the second restart XP gets 8 second shutdowns again. After that shutdown time QUICKLY degrades, at every restart???

I recently did a fresh XP reinstall on my fast new DELL D830 laptop, and as soon I installed Comodo the restarts started slowing >:(

My security solution- I uninstalled Comodo (better protection!), and went back to my old freeware Sygate v5.5 Build 2637 (v5.6 is buggy!) firewall, NOD32 v2.7, SpySweeper v5.3.2.2361 (fast!), Sandboxie, Threatfire. Everything is fast again.

Comodo needs to come up with a fix that maybe purges these tmp files at restart, or…?