Firewall and screensaver launching problem.

Dear Comodo Team!

I used the Sygate free Firewall for a year and I was very happy with it. Since Symantec stopped it, I was looking for another one. I found Comodo interesting and decided to try it.
Yesterday I installed the latest Comodo Firewall on my XP after a new installation of the OS. The Firewall default settings are enabled. The XP has all recent Updates. I use Avast AV, Spyware Terminator with Real-Time Protection, Spybot S&D, Windows Defender, a-Squared free as On Demand Scanner. Everything looked like working fine but, I noticed today that my Screensaver didn’t launch wenn the Firewall Security Level was set on custom! Allowing all Traffic solved the Problem! Do you have any idea, for solving the problem please? Your comments are welcome

Kind regards from Germany.

Off the top of my head, the only thing I can think of is if your screensaver requires net access to pull images down - like Webshots. Are you using a net enabled screensaver?

Just a thought.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello Panic,

Thank you for trying to give me a help.
I use the XP standard screensaver only.


Is there anything showing in the CPF logs showing as blocked?

Given the range of security software you have installed, there is always the possibility that one of these is conflicting with CPF.

The easiest way to check this out is to temporarily disable ALL other security software, but leave CPF running normally. If your screensaver functions correctly with just CPF running, you would then have to enable each of your other security apps, one by one, testing to see if your screen saver is still working. This may be the long winded way around things, but sometimes, slow and methodical is the best way.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:


I tried what you said before posting. Unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem. There are no Logfiles about blocked applications. The screensaver launches automaticaly even if the CPF security level is set on block all! It is becoming very curious. Wenn I am on the Desktop with no opened programm, the screensaver is not launching; but it does wenn a programm is open, for example CPF GUI or a Word file or a browser page…
I hope i’ll get a solution for this problem!

Hi Pierre-Richard,
I have this problem with an XP Pro machine I use at work. I do not have CPF installed on it, as we use a LAN connection, with a network firewall. My screensaver used to work with no programs open, but at some point, it began to activate only when a program was in use. At that time, I scoured the MS forums, looking for some wisdom, but I never found a satisfactory answer. I believe this to be some type of Windows error, and not CPF. Somewhere in the OS, something became corrupted. My work-around was to download a freeware screensaver activator named Shorty, which I found here-
I know it isn’t a fix, but it serves its purpose. Please post back if you find a solution, as this one has me stumped. ;D

I also had a problem very much like this quite awhile ago (before I had even heard of CPF) & the culprit turned out be avast! HE (it has its own screen saver) which was attempting to perform certain actions when the screen saver activated (VRDB generation, updating & scanning). It wasn’t even that I had asked avast to use this function… But, I did make the mistake of “looking & testing” the avast screen saver. Windows (W2k, in my case) seemed to get very confused & avast wouldn’t let go of the screen saver. It went away, for an unknown reason, after several reboots.

Hello Everybody!

My screensaverproblem is solved. My Siemens wireless desktop software stopped the launching. I uninstalled this software, and everything is now OK. I work now with standard mouse and keyboard untill buying a wireless from another manufactorer.

Kind Regards from Germany.