Firewall and Outlook 2003

Hey guys,

I’m using COMODO firewall pro and defense+ (version 3.8 ) and I have a problem.

I’m trying to access my company-exchange-server via outlook 2003. I can do what I want, this bloody firewall blocks all connecting attempts so that I can’t receive or send any emails. I tried to set outlook as “trusted application” - it didn’t work, I tried to set outlook as “email client” - it didn’t work, I defined a new network policy for outlook - it didn’t work, I edited the predefined policies to allow everything - it didn’t work, I deleted all outlook definitions in the firewall to get asked again - it didn’t work, I tried to get an answer form the firewall log, but there’s none with an outlook entry. The only thing to make it work is shutting down the firewall. I’m really ■■■■■■ right now about this … product. I working in the security business for myself but I never experienced such useless problems with any other security product as with COMODO Firewall Pro.

Does anyone have an idea for what to do to make it working?


I put a screenshot to this post for all to see the outlook settings.

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