firewall and emule or p2p in general ...

I would like to know if your firewall with the standard settings slows down emule ?

because of tcp and udp controled number of packets per second… (:TNG)

with this settings and emule at high id

My connection is 256 download but emule rarely passes 150 kb and i have other firewall that sometimes i was receiving 220 kbs

cheers an thanks for this great free product

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Do you have “do protocol analysis” disabled?

no i have it enabled…

Please if it is not needed something i will disable but if my computer will be at risk for more velocity please tel me !

thanks for the answer :BNC

if i dont respond today your questions please wait

i am going out… (:KWL)

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It is advised to try first and check “Skip advanced security checks” & “Allow invisible connection” under emule rules, this however didn’t work for me, i still saw many protocol analysis errors under network monitor, once i unchecked “do protocol analysis”, the log stayed nice and clear.

thanks i will try it

OK this is frustrating,if you do disable “Do protocol analysis” you don’t get all the emule blocks, you do however fail pcflank and grc stealth tests, any ideas???