Firewall and Defense+ rules shortcuts

Dear Comodo!

I use Comodo Firewall since v3 released. I miss in the v6 the Firewall and Defense+ shortcuts. I mean like in the v5 right click on Comodo icon at the tray and can change rules both Firewall and Defense+ (block all, safe mode, custom mode, training mode, etc.)

In v6 I have to right click, open, tasks, firewall tasks, open advanced settings, defense+, hips, and so on, this way is too long and slow.

Can you put the shortcuts again? It’s very useful and imporant for me and I hope for everyone.

Best wishes,


Hi and welcome bigjoe666,
You can right click on any of the tasks icons and add it to the task-bar within the GUI.
Adding tasks to the Task Bar
Hope that helps.

Hi bigjoe666,

I share your concern about the functions of the tray icon and have express it in the wishlist :
Feel free to add a comment and your vote.