FireWall and a local server

Hello everyone! I didn’t pay much attention on Firewall, that’s I need some help here. Sorry if I duplicate the thread, but it’s so hard to create a correct search request to find an answer if there’s any.

I have a router that connects my PC to the Internet. Then also some other devices are connnected to the same router via Wi-Fi. I.e. IP addresses are like - So let’s say my PC has

I have a local server installed on my PC, its works fine. When I open ip (my PC’s) then the server shows a message, that the connection is ok. So everything is ok here.

But, if I try to open the same IP from any other device, like a tablet’s browser, then I get nothing. Let’s say the tablet has IP in the same local net area. I.e. the connection with the local server is not possible. It seems that the FireWall blocks any requests to my local server. I tried then to disable the Firewall and indeed, the connected was established correctly.

So, how can I allow connections from addresses -, from any device in my local net area, to my local server, to the ip How to disable the IP address block in the local net?

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Do have a trusted network zone set up? Is the tablet getting a IP inside the fore mentioned zone and not DHCP’ing into a higher range?

Thanks for reply.

Not sure about trusted zones, I see just 2 network zones, a Loopback zone and a Public zone 1. Is any of them trusted?

the tablet has ip, i.e. an ip inside the local network.

Thank everyone, I was told a working solution! I had to change global rules allowing TCP/UDP for necessary IPs.