Firewall always showing 0 intusions blocked

My firewall is always showing 0 intrusion attempts blocked. That has never happened with any firewall I’ve had before. It’s making me nervous. There is usually a high number blocked. Recently when the firewall loaded, it often said the application agent was not running, but the diagnostic showed no problem. Once it had a red circle with a line over the tray icon, yet the firewall showed everything normal. I’m wondering if I need to reinstall it. Anybody dealt with this before?

Try to set a browser like FF or IE to Predefined “Blocked Application” now apply this policy and try to surf with the browser, now the counter should increase and the browser should fail to load pages.

If that’s the case then you probably have “different” global rules for this version, what version do you have installed and did you “upgrade” from a previous version and/or import a previous configuration ?

If the browser works and the counter stays at zero then there is something wrong with the firewall driver.