Firewall always blocks all connections and crashes some programs, even when off

Running Windows 10 (RTM, build 10240, x64); Broadcom 802.11ac wireless adapter (driver:; CIS/Firewall

As soon as I reboot after installing the firewall, I usually get a single prompt for one of my startup programs (most recently Skype) - after accepting it, that program and it alone will be allowed to run and access the internet. After that, all other programs (Firefox, other IMs, etc. etc.) are either completely blocked, or fail to start entirely (especially Firefox), even if I explicitly add an exception for them, with no notifications, completely regardless of all settings. No new “intrusions” are logged. Even disabling the firewall does nothing; the only things that make a difference are uninstalling it entirely, or unchecking it in Network Connections under my network adapter’s properties. HIPS/Sandbox is off, Viruscope… I’m not sure, considering the “switch” is off but the text says “Enabled” even after I click it and click “Disable.” I’ve also tried deleting all COMODO files (including registry entries and ProgramData files) and doing a completely clean install, to no avail. This one has been haunting me ever since I updated to Windows 10; it worked fine in Windows 8.1 with all the same hardware. I hoped the recent patch ( would fix this and have been waiting patiently for it, but no dice; same issue. I’m stuck having to use Windows Firewall Control to accomplish vaguely what I want to do.

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