Firewall alwasy shows "Firewall has blocked 0 instusions so far"


I am using comodo first time. I have downloaded and install it on my pc and enabled firewall and defence+ etc. and disabled antivirus. It has been over a month since installation and whenever I open it I always see the same message “Firewall has blocked 0 instusions so far”. Is it a bug or what? I have set firewall as “Safe mode”?

Any help regd. this matter is appreciated.


Can anyone help?

I am not an expert but have you run any files and do you get an alert? If you get an alert and allow it it will not register as a n intrusion. Run something new and that you know ids safe and ignore the alert and wait until the alert disappears. Then check. if it block by default you should have an ‘intrusion’ blocked

Someone who knows more will help you in more detail. For now try that

I got alerts for programs in starting and allowed accordingly. But I am talking about When I am connected to internet or browsing then It should show number of blocked attempt like port scanning or something. But It never does. In past I had zone alarm it would show many blocked attempts everyday that’s why I am asking?

I presume you have version 6 ? Have you logging enabled? I do not know how to do in v 6. I have 5 on this pc

Logging is already enabled. I also configured it as per instruction on comodo site “settings for maximum protection and usability” but still nothing.

Can you show a screenshot of your Global Rules?

Here is the screenshot

This is default setting. I didn’t changed global rules.

Looking forward to any solution.


Change the block rule at the bottom to block and log. Then CIS will start logging. I think by default it should be set to block and log.

It worked.

Thank you Eric.