Firewall also installs Antivirus when not wanted!

I wanted to download and install only the Comodo Firewall but after taking all the configuration options to do so using cmd_fw_installer_6106_c6.exe downloaded from the Comodo website for this purpose, Comodo then wants to download 208MB of Antivirus definition updates and the Advanced configuration shows the Antivirus component is installed.

The net result is that I have now completely removed Comodo Firewall again because of this unwanted additional component being installed.

To confirm, I did not download the full CIS installer, was not given an option showing Antivirus, deselected GeekBuddy and Chromodo browser, refused to allow my home pages to be redirected - all I wanted was the Firewall - instead I was asked to download the full Antivirus definition databases. Not acceptable!

Hi droyls,
What you are saying happened is in no way intentional.
Maybe a bug or glitch with the FW installer.

You could have followed the steps in the help documentation to remove the AV component leaving the FW intact.
Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)

Kind regards.