Firewall allows connections, that are blocked (3.12.266 x32) [RESOLVED]

May be I am not understanding something, but why can svchost send its data, and system wait on the port, if they are blocked??

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Listening status is not important. It is inactive and will not be able to receive the connection. However, for svchost.exe, after making it BLOCKED Application, you need to restart that service or your computer. Because it is related to your DHCP setting and CFP will not block already established connections unless you Close them explicitly from Active Connections window.

Btw, It is not a good idea to block svchost.exe. You may not receive an IP address by using DHCP if you block it.

I have a dynamical IP, but it works without DHCP (always blocked it before in v2).
But I will reconfigure it to allow broadcast only.

Thank you for the solution, egemen!